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PLC Trainers

        PLC Trainers to practice Ladder Logic Programming            

The world of automation is in constant change. Most of the industries have or use more than one automation brand. This is the good part of technology :some manufacturers can have really good products in one automation application but can be overpassed by some other manufacturers in other fields. Perhaps, this is the reason that makes your company to use different PLCs although they unsuccessfully want to use just one brand.

Online Media University, in its Industrial Automation courses division, now offers PLC training courses and PLC trainers for most of the manufacturers:
Allen Bradley, Siemens, Automation Direct and Triangle research.

Our low cost PLC training equipment , unlike most of our competitors, are specifically designed for every PLC brand so it is not a matter of re-labeling the connectors: We really manufacture every PLC trainer.


Knowing how to program different brands of PLCs

  • Will give you a better chance when applying for a job.
  • Helps you to better troubleshoot machinery
  • Save you time and money in making selection of the right technology.
  • Raises your knowledge.
  • Makes you competitive in working environments.
      To know more, click on the brands below and then select among the availablePLC trainers. To help you with your decision we are just one phone call or email away.            
Automationdirect (Koyo)
The first model is only for digital I/O and the other include some Analog inputs and outputs.
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Allen Bradley
This PLC trainer is one of the most sold items because of its low cost, small size and powerful features.
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This PLC trainer is an excellent tool  to learn about PLC programming and also the new software programming tool the company has developed.
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    Triangle Research    
Excellent cost, small size and very powerful. We currently offer 5 models, each of them with a special purpose.
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If you are an EDUCATOR looking  for the best way to provide a course on Programmable Logic Controllers we want to tell you that our trainers were designed with the following ideas in mind:

- Affordable costs, allowing you to acquire more training units with limited budgets. Our suggestion is that you have one or two students per PLC trainer.
- We cover more topics. Your students can do better and more sophisticated projects.
- You can allow the students to install the programming software in their PCs or Laptops and, since it has a complete simulation , they can work at home in practicing and studying by themselves or working on the homework you have previously assigned .
- You can impart more hands-on experience. Every class can be a different project that can be downloaded to the PLC trainer.
- You can provide a non biased education, avoiding focusing on particular or commercial brands but generic devices.  -When the students become professional they will thank you.

  Make a wise decision  
  For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!  

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